Paul A. Romsky Jr. - Spot Welder

This is a Spot Welder that I made from an old Mircowave Oven transformer and some modification.
The clamp is designed to weld the brass rails of G Guage outdoor model train track - why I made the Spot Welder in the first place.
I didn't have any copper rod for my electrodes, so I used brass. I need copper because brass is only about 25% as conductive as copper and thus it heats up more than the work (the washers). But it works.
The little flame is due to oils on the washers flaming up. You can see the metal of the washers glowing orange where the weld is being made. I only had the current flowing for about 2 seconds to make the weld.

Electrode Clamp
Power Switch
Welding Two Washers Together: 1.5V at 800A
Welding Closeup