Paul A. Romsky Jr. - Music

This is the MIDI GUI that I developed for my DX7 to practice reading sheet music. It is a Beta version so not all features are implemented yet. I had trouble getting documentaion for 3rd party MIDI drivers for various MIDI interfaces, so I created my own using an Ardunio UNO. It cost about $35 to make but it works better than any other MIDI adapters on the market. I can make an adapter for you at cost if you are not handy with electronics. Right now it only works with my GUI, so if you use it for other MIDI software programs it will not work (they do not have my MIDI driver).


21 JUL 2022 - Version 0.0.0 Beta
Download the MIDI Sheet Music Reading Practice GUI V0.0.0 Beta

After downloading:
1. Unzip the file.
2. Traverse down to the setup.exe file.
3. Run the setup file to install the GUI on your PC.
4. Answer Yes/Ok to all Installer questions.
5. After the install is complete, reboot your computer.
6. Connect my MIDI Adapter between your Music Keyboard MIDI ports and a USB port on your PC. You have to use my Adapter.
6. In your Start menu you should find DX7 MIDI (the Sheet Music Practice GUI).
7. Run the GUI.
8. The GUI should find the Adapter and show a green Status Light.
9. Press the Start button.
10. Music notes will be displayed, when you play the matched notes, the GUI will show Correct and give you a running average on how long it is taking you to find the notes.