Paul A. Romsky Jr. - Mousinator Multiple Mouse Trap System

This is my automated mouse trap system (originally called the Mousinator 2000), now just called The Mousinator. You simply attach it to any high suction Shop Vacuum (using Duct Tape or homemade adapters). You then bait it with a small dab of Peanut Oil using a drinking straw as an applicator - just apply a thin trace of oil along the inside lower portion of the entire length of the tube (do not get any oil on the Emitter/Detector devices inside the tube). Never re-dip the applicator in the Peanut Oil container as this will contamninate it - remember, mice can carry diseases and you need to make sure you portion out only the Peanut Oil you will need in a disposable cup (just a few drops is all that is needed) and bait only from that cup. Dispose of the cup and Soda Straw immediately after use. Then place some cheese in the screw top Bait Cup. After baiting, you then plug the Shop Vac (leave its Power Switch On) into the Mousinator and then plug the Mousinator into a live 120VAC outlet. You then place the Mousinator in a location where mice are evident and wait for the mice to come to the trap, trigger it, and be sucked into the Shop Vac.

The Mousinator

Basic Operation:

When the Mousinator is plugged into a 120VAC outlet, the Shop Vac will turn On for 1 second to help verify that you left the Shop Vac Power Switch in the On position. The LED will go White during this Test period.

The LED will then go Green - the Trap is ready to catch mice.

When a mouse enters the Tube and breaks the invisible IR beam inside, the LED goes Yellow and the Shop Vac will be turned On for 10 seconds.

The mouse is sucked into the Shop Vac and is trapped inside the Shop Vac's Waste Bucket.

After 10 seconds, the Shop Vac is automatically turned Off, and a 5 second cool off period is given to the Shop Vac (where no mice can trigger it) - the LED will go Magneta during this time.

Then the LED will blink Blue for the number of mice caught:
0 mice caught = steady Green.
1 mouse caught = 1 short Blue blink [1], then a long pause, repeat.
2 mice caught = 2 short Blue blinks [2], then a long pause, repeat.
9 mice caught = 9 short Blue blinks [9], then a long pause, repeat.
10 mice caught = 1 short Blue blink [1], then a short pause, then 1 long Blue blink [0], then a long pause, repeat.
11 mice caught = 1 short Blue blink [1], then a short pause, then 1 more short Blue blink [1], then a long pause, repeat.
100 mice caught = 1 short Blue blink [1], then a short pause, then 1 long Blue blink [0], then a short pause, then 1 more long Blue blink [0], then a long pause, repeat.

The Mousinator is now ready to catch the next mouse. The system can catch a hundred mice or more. And its set and forget feature makes it perfect for areas that are unattended for a few days at a time. Note: The Mousinator should be checked and the Shop Vac Bucket should be emptied daily as dead mice will begin to rot and smell after a day. But even if left inside for more than a day, the smell will not effect the Mousinator's operation.

If a mouse is trapped inside the Tube after the Shop Vac's 10 second On time has expired, the Shop Vac will turn Off and the Shop Vac will be disabled from further triggering (to prevent the Shop Vac from running continuously) - the LED will rapidly blink Red to indicate this condition. Simply unplug the Mousinator from the 120VAC outlet, wait 5 seconds, clear the obstruction (if any), and then plug Mousinator back into the 120VAC outlet to Reset the system.

Demonstration Video of the Mousinator version V0.0 (12:29 minutes:seconds)

Video of a Simulated Mouse Capture (15 seconds)

Note: This video was taken with an Arlo camera that uses InfraRed (IR) detection before it records video. It has about a 2 second delay after detection, so you only see the simulated mouse (cat toy) shortly after the Shop Vacuum was triggered and the mouse being sucked into the Shop Vacuum (about 1 second) and then 2 more seconds delay due to the Arlo camera's latency. Notice the toy rocking back and forth as the Shop Vacuum runs for about 7 more seconds, and then goes still after the Shop Vacuum is turned off automatically by the Mousinator.

Here is the Code, Assembly, Schematic, and Parts List:

Download the Mousinator Design Files Based on the Adafruit Trinket M0