Paul A. Romsky Jr. - Fondue

Fondue Rules:

1. The first rule of Fondue is: We don't talk about Fondue.
2. The second rule of Fondue is: We DON'T talk about Fondue.
3. No double dipping - ever!.
4. If the fork/skewer touches any part of your mouth, you MUST get another fork/skewer.
5. If a man drops his food into the pot, he MUST buy a round of drinks for the table.
6. If a woman drops her food into the pot, she MUST kiss every man at the table.
7. Anyone who drops food twice into the pot MUST host the next Fondue Party.
8. Do not push the fork/skewer all the way through the food (to prevent scratching the pot's non-stick coating).
9. Lightly drag the food along the bottom of the pot to keep the fondue from burning (and to pick up the coveted crispy cheese pieces).
10. Place your food on a plate if you are not adept to remove it without touching the fork/skewer with your mouth.
11. Do not retrive food dropped into the Fondue.
12. Do not attend a Fondue if you are sick.
13. Stir in a clockwise figure 8 patten only, two sweeps maximum.
14. Twirl the food once or twice as it is removed to keep cheese from dripping.
15. Drink only dry white wine, Kirsh, or herbal tea with the Fondue to keep cheese from balling in your stomach.
16. Do not dip while someone else is dipping.
17. Dip in a clockwise direction around the table (skipping those who are not dippping).
18. Dip only small pieces.
19. The crusted cheese at the bottom, "la-religieuse", is to be broken up and shared at the end of the meal.
20. What happens at Fondue stays at Fondue.

Our Fondue Set

With Rotating Tray