Paul A. Romsky Jr. - Flight Qualification 2014

Just some photos from my 2014 Flight Qual runs. The two toughest airports in the world for a Boeing 737-800. Hong Kong Kai Tak had its ILS into a checkerboard panel on the side of a hill, then the approach turns at about 900 feet into the final approach. This is the main reason why the airport was closed, but it is still used for training. There are more challenging airports in the world but only smaller aircraft can land at those.

LGA Acquire ILS
LGA Approach
LGA Touchdown

VHXX Severe Weather Acquire Checker Board ILS
VHXX Severe Weather Curved Glideslope
VHXX Severe Weather Touchdown
VHXX Severe Weather Tarmac Shutdown
VHXX Severe Weather Aced