Paul A. Romsky Jr. - Fiero

This is my 1987 Fiero GT that I am restoring. I have been taking parts off of my old 1986 Fiero SE and buying new parts from the I am going to take the engine out of my 86 fiero and bore it out, blue print, and spec it - all high peformance parts and add a supercharger (next year's project). The seats were a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) job. will make new seat covers to your own specifications. They are very affordable because you use the old seats, remove the old ripped upholstery, fix the padding, and attach the new covers. Mr. Mike gives you all the instructions and even a hog ring tool with plenty of rings to attach the new covers. It is easy when you know how.

Romsk's Car - Exterior
Romsk's Car - Interior Before
Romsk's Car - Interior After

The following links are screen shots of the Assembly Line Diagnostic Link (ALDL) Diagnostic Tool that I am developing for Fiero owners (Free for Fiero Owners). Pontiac Fieros were built before On-Board Diagnostics I (OBD-I) and On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II) were standardized. General Motor's (GM's) predecessor to OBD was the ALDL which simply outputs a constant stream of parameters so that the vehicle's Electronic Control Module (ECM) could be used to test and monitor the vehicle before it left the factory. Today, it is very difficult to find ALDL scanners on the open market, and the fact that GM was never forth coming on how ALDL worked only exasperated the problem. Fortunately, I have found various web sites that describe how the ALDL protocol works, so I decided to try my hand at interpreting these unique data streams. The Fiero ALDL Monitor GUI is the first result of that effort.

1987 Fiero GT ALDL Diganostic Tool - Lamp Test
1987 Fiero GT ALDL Diganostic Tool - Playback
1987 Fiero GT ALDL Diganostic Tool - Knock Counter

This is my Fiero ALDL to USB Adapter. I Could not find a connector that mates to the Diagnostic Connector in the car, so I soldered wires from the Diagnostic Connector to a DB-9 female connector that I mounted to my 3-way 12V Accessory Plug (see my interior photo). So I all do is connect my adapter to the DB-9 connector, and the other end to my laptop, start the software, and away I go.

Low Cost Fiero ALDL Adapter Design Files

High Cost Fiero ALDL to USB Adapter (external)
High Cost Fiero ALDL to USB Adapter (internal)
High Cost Fiero ALDL Monitor Design Files

26 APR 2015 - Improved Version - Supports the new Low Cost ALDL Adapter
Download the Fiero ALDL Monitor GUI V1.5.0

The Fiero ALDL Monitor software is free. It currently does not support the Serial ALDL Cables that are popular - I hope to have that capability soon. Contact me at my e-mail adress for details.

The following link is photo of a Multi-Function Joystick (MFJ) that I am retrofitting into my 1987 Fiero GT. I cut apart an old shifter knob and saved the threaded insert. Then I took and old Wingman Warrior video game Joystick handle and glued the insert inside. I modified the wiring inside the handle so that only two wires are needed from the Joystick (signal and ground). The Joystick signal is sent to a Parallax Board Of Education (BOE) prototyping board that uses a very versatile PIC microcontroller to interpret the Joystick functions. The BOE also has a Serial to Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface so that a contemporary laptop computer (most laptops no longer have serial ports) can be used to monitor the data stream as it is converted from ALDL to asynchronous 19200 baud serial. The BOE also controls various relays that actuate based on the various buttons depressed and the trigger being pulled. Currently I plan on controlling virtually any vehicle function from the MFJ. The modes include: Safety Systems, Cruise Control, Performance Functions, Navigation, Communications, Countermeasures, and Security Systems. Yes, the Countermeasures Mode does include features like Blinding Stobes, Smoke Screen, and Oil Slick - however, these features can only be included for drivers like the President of the United States and captains of industry with special licensing.

Multi-Function Joystick Shifter
MFJ Joystick Functions

The following are some notes that I made while removing front and rear window glass from my 1986 Fiero. I also removed the Roof Panel that has a Vista Vent on it. When I install it on my 1987 Fiero GT, the embedded "Zip Wire" will make removal a snap (if there should be any need to remove the Roof Panel in the future).

Fiero Glass and Roof Panel Techniques

This is a quick tool that I made which simplifies the installation of a serpentine belt on a fiero V6 engine with a installed Fiero Belt Tensioner Kit available from DodgeRunner's Garage. I started by slipping the belt around each pulley and aligning the belt grooves properly into each pulley. Then I connected an 8 inch standard 3/8 inch drive ratchet (Sears Craftman ratchet worked very well) to the tensioner arm. I slipped the Belt Tensioner Tool (lever) over the ratchet handle, and gently pulled it all the way toward the alternator. I held the tool (lever) in place with a small bungee cord (being very careful that it could not slip off). Then I routed the belt between the idler wheel and the engine's vibration damper (crankshaft) pulley - being very careful to keep my hands away from the area between the idler pulley and the vibration damper. I then checked for proper alignment of the belt grooves and the pulleys, removed the bungee cord, and slowly eased the lever back toward the engine. I then did a final check of each pulley and belt alignment, started the engine, and checked for proper operation. It took only 2 minutes to install the belt, and since I now keep the tool, a ratchet, and a spare belt in the car, I can replace the belt virtually anytime, anywhere in minutes.

Fiero Serpentine Belt Tensioner Tool for use with DodgeRunner's Fiero Belt Tensioner Kit